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need a team?

Singles can register and be assigned a team at check in.

Date and Location

Friday, October 4
Gerlinger Annex B54
Gerlinger Annex, Eugene, OR 97403

check in time

5:30 pm (please arrive on time)

schedule of events

5:45 pm - Start of tournament game play
7:15 pm - End of regular games
7:30 pm - Playoffs and championship round
8:30 pm - Start of 3 Point Shootout and/or Dunk Contest
8:55 pm - Trophy presentation

upon arrival

- Please look for registration signage, then check in with your team
- Make sure to fill out a liability waiver to play
- Find your court assignment for the first game

what to expect

- All teams will be guaranteed at least 3 regular games (the team that wins the tournament can expect to play up to 6 total games)
- Each team will be assigned a 'pool' at a designated court
- Playoff rounds will be a single elimination bracket

- Water will be provided free of charge
- Basic first aid will be provided (ice packs, minor cuts, etc.)
*Alcohol and tobacco are not permitted on site


- All regular games will be capped at 10 minutes
- First team to get to 12 points (straight up) wins
- The top 2 teams of each pool will advance to the playoffs
- Playoff teams will be determined by win-loss ratio, head-to-head, and then points scored
- Each game will have an officiating referee for time purposes
- Fouls will be called by players (with the exception of playoff games)

bracket structure

- There will be 4 courts
- Each court will be one pool (your pool and court number will be assigned to you at registration)
- Only two teams will advance from each pool

what to wear

- There will be mesh jerseys available for use
- You can wear whatever will distinguish yourselves as a team (please keep graphics/wording appropriate, we reserve the right to deny playing privileges to any team that does not comply with appropriateness standards)

See you there!

Questions? Email Keegan Chaplin at